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  • Furniture, electronics and machinery industry in 1989 Ningbo huidelong hardware company was founded at the beginning of service in the world, the development and growth after more than 20 years of continuous innovation, we have come from imitation to independent research and development of the road, has a number of patents. On the development of new products, we developed a variety of new products in the market, and a number of patents; in the manufacturing process innovation, a number of advanced automatic production line of research and development to achieve or surpass Europe, the level of similar enterprises. Application of welding robot and injection manipulator to improve the automation level of production process. Through continuous innovation, Delong will effectively reduce production costs, ensure product quality, and bring greater market competitiveness to our customers. At present, Delong has two series of products: daily necessities and furniture hardware products. Daily necessities series of products: Bumper buffer (HPB, HEB, HTB, PTFE) sliding pad, self-adhesive wool felt, EVA foam pad, bubble nail, foot cover, caster cup, felt injection products, shower curtain, door door touch, child protection products (plug cover, drawer lock, door clip) etc.. Furniture hardware products: universal foot, foot trimming, adjusting foot (riveting, injection molding, interchangeable connector, bottom), industrial adjustment feet, legs, the foot of the bed accessories, plastic bulkhead and OEM plastic products.

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