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Application of casting polyurethane prepolymer

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The castable polyurethane prepolymer series is one of the 6 series of products in Shanghai and Hecheng. It contains polyester type TDI system, polyether type TDI system, polyol MDI system, NDI and PPDI system, and IPDI system without yellowing.

TDI system of polyester type for a product, the product has high mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and heat resistance of the advantages, characteristics of products of polyether polyester TDI system TDI system and the biggest difference lies in its good abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, convenient operation, price low, mainly for the production of ordinary type polyurethane elastomer products, such as various industrial parts, roller, rubber roller, rubber, oil seal, cushion material, plate etc.. The biggest characteristic of MDI system is the product of polyol products without irritating odor, products with good toughness and elasticity, abrasion resistance, excellent water resistance, mainly used in the production of polyurethane elastomer products - required polyurethane cushion.

NDI and PPDI products have very high dynamic mechanical properties, especially heat resistance. They can work in the environment of 120 DEG C for a long time and have lower heat build-up. Mainly used in the production of polyurethane elastomer products with corresponding requirements, such as various industrial components, rollers, rubber rolls, rubber sheets, oil seals, cushion materials, plates and so on

Non yellowing IPDI series of products with good transparency, excellent UV resistance, has a low viscosity at room temperature, curing with adjustable stripping time, production of products, non yellowing of the lens, the dashboard is used, can also be used for drip glue, nameplate, label etc..

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