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Polyurethane prepolymer Product Guide

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1. polyurethane prepolymer product has two forms of liquid and solid at normal temperature due to different kinds. The solid prepolymer should be heated and melted in a 60~70 C blast oven before use. In order to make the heating uniform, it needs 2. to flip the packing barrel to avoid local overheating, resulting in the modification of prepolymer.

3. Shanghai Hecheng products are filled with inert gas in the packing tank to prevent moisture from causing NCO% to fall. So try to keep the seal as much as possible during use.

4. in some elastomer products need to add color, as is a two-component composite material, add in component A, and make sure the paste water content below 0.1%, consistent with the paste resin prepolymer system, and avoid affecting product performance due to incompatible color.

5. polyurethane prepolymer produced in Shanghai, Hecheng, can be stored for 6 months without Kaifeng, low temperature and dry storage. If Kaifeng, please use it as soon as possible.

6. detailed product manual, please contact Shanghai, Hecheng for access, in the use of the process, if any problems, please contact the technical staff in a timely manner.

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