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Application of polyurethane adhesive in industry

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Polyurethane adhesives (PolyurethaneAdhesive) are polyurethane buffers that contain urethane groups (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate groups (-NCO) in the molecular chain.

Polyurethane adhesive has excellent properties and should be widely used. It is divided into two categories: polyisocyanate and polyurethane. Due to the presence of strong polar, chemical active isocyanate high (-NCO) and ammonia ester (-NHCOO-), and containing active hydrogen material, such as foam, wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics and other porous materials and metal, glass, rubber, plastic and other surface finish material with excellent chemical adhesive. The hydrogen bonding between polyurethane and bonded material will increase the cohesion of polymers. Thereby bonding more firmly. In addition, polyurethane adhesive also has the characteristics of toughness, adjustable, simple bonding process, excellent low temperature resistance and excellent stability. In recent years, it has become the fastest growing adhesive at home and abroad.

Development of polyurethane adhesive technology in China: two-component polyurethane adhesive. This is the most important kind of polyurethane adhesive, which is widely used and used in large quantities. Shanghai Hecheng production of polyurethane adhesive for environmentally friendly two-component adhesive rubber powder, solid content of 100%, with high initial bonding strength, excellent bond strength after drying, scratch resistance, excellent water resistance, adhesive is widely used in rubber and organic materials.

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