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The function of cushion in hot press

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High quality hot press special cushion for hot press work in combination, the cushion is clamped between the hot plate and template, its main role is to make the hot plate working pressure and uniform temperature transfer, can make the adhesive more dense, uniform and smooth paper between the veneer and the substrate, thereby improving the veneer surface and inside quality. The cushion also has excellent performance, such as heat resistance, offset pressure plate error and protective formwork. Hot press cushion installation and installation should note: hot press will cushion flat, evenly placed in the hot press, hot press on clean surfaces of the front, do not leave any debris, grease and other metal items, according to the work requirements of preheating pressure for 30 minutes, then four uniform stress level again around the fixed distance and then put into use. Thus, the service life is prolonged and the flatness is good. Note that if you don't shift carefully when installing, don't use steel wire pliers to pull hard, so as to avoid damage and influence the use. Usually do not make oil pollution, hot press cushion surface, affect the use effect, shorten the life cushion manufacturers.

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