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What are the features of the cushion material?

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The cushion pad is to prevent the impact of a major, it is mainly used for the edge of some goods in Taiwan, and it is also the same collisionglue plays a very good protective effect, prevent the machine at work because the collision caused some other losses, the use of the cushion on the hot press very much, it is mainly to protect the use of hot press - cushion factory.

What are the special features of the cushion and its material?

In general we see the cushion it is made of rubber and rubber species more, the quality of natural rubber will be relatively good, because its forming speed is faster, and it plays the buffering effect is also very good, hot pressing cushion on the machine usually is also used in rubber the material to make the.

After selecting the raw materials, the second is to be processed on it, is mainly used to die for processing, it is mainly a pouring molding or stamping can also take the way, these two methods are more reasonable, but also making the best way. The installation of the cushion on the hot press, it mainly adopts the form of tiling, just need to put it on the whole.

The use of cushion mainly plays the role of protection. When the machine is used, the most important thing is to do some maintenance work, so as to prolong the service life of the machine, so that it can be used for a long time.

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