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The use and application of rubber shock absorber

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Rubber shock absorption pad usually adopts natural rubber and chloroprene rubber, requiring oil resistant nitrile rubber, requiring high and low temperature silicone rubber, requiring high damping butyl rubber. The manufacturing process of rubber cushion products is similar to that of model products except rubber air springs, similar to tyres. Usually made of bearings or fittings, widely used in various vehicles, ships, machinery, instrumentation, bridges, buildings, to eliminate or mitigate the adverse consequences of vibration.

Rubber shock absorber applications

The main products are rubber damping rubber damping pad, rubber air spring, rubber fender (see pictures), sponge and cork rubber cushion, an elastic joint and flexible pipe and other types of.

Such as:

Rubber bearing. Made of rubber sheet and rigid material (steel plate, steel wire mesh, canvas). The latter can improve the compressive strength of the bearing, but has little effect on the shear strength. Rubber bridge bearing the load to the bridge pier up, at the same time to reduce the vibration and deformation of bridge. Rubber building supports reduce the effects of subways and surrounding vehicles and earthquakes on buildings.

Rubber cushion. Mostly rubber and metal composite products, double plate, cylindrical, chip and other forms, for a variety of machinery, meters, axles, pipes shock absorption and sound insulation.

Rubber air spring. It is better than metal springs in shock absorption and shock resistance, mainly used in vehicles. The structure is similar to that of tubeless tires, and the cord fabric is made of a pressure resistant layer with an airtight rubber layer, and an oil resistant and ageing resistant rubber layer outside.

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