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What are the benefits of using a cushion in a hot press?

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Cushion can be used in hot press, and its use will also bring some benefits. Install cushion in the hot press is mainly between its template, it plays the main role is to be a process of the transmission of its working pressure and temperature, can make to achieve a more close and flat state - cushion manufacturers between the veneer and its substrate.

The use of cushion plays a certain role in protection, it can protect the template of hot press, and in practice can make the performance of the hot press get good play, and bring greater help for the work. In the hot press cushion installation, attention should be paid to pay attention to the cushion of its flatness, and also pay attention to evenly placed on the hot press, so as to ensure the normal work of the hot press.

In the hot press, the use of cushion not only plays a very good protective effect, and also played the role of the buffer itself, if there are any heavy objects on the hot press, it can be a buffer role in an instant, and can protect the safety of hot press. Cushion in the hot press use is very much, and its use also brings a lot of benefits.

There are many aspects of using cushion, in the use of hot press is one of the more common, cushion in hot press use, also played an indelible value.

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