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Selection of gasket

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Any kind of gasket, in a harsh environment, to ensure a long time effective seal, must have the following eight important characteristics:

The tightness of the gasket for the sealing system of the medium, the gasket in the recommended temperature and pressure for a certain period of time does not leak - cushion manufacturers.

The compressibility of the gasket, the gasket and flange of the contact surface should be in good agreement after the connection bolt, to ensure sealing.

Gasket gasket in creep resistance impact load and the use of temperature stress, creep resistance should be good, otherwise the back bolt torque caused by loss of lead gasket surface stress decreases, thus gas system for leaks.

The gasket used for the chemical corrosion resistance of the gasket shall be free from corrosion by chemical medium and shall not contaminate the medium.

The gasket resilience even in stable condition, two flange connected due to the temperature and pressure will exist small displacement, elastic gasket should be able to compensate for this displacement, in order to ensure the sealing performance of the system.

The resistance to adhesion of the gasket shall be removed easily from the flange after use, and the non corrosive gasket without bonding gasket shall be free of corrosion on the surface of the flange to be connected.

The gasket used for the temperature resistance of the gasket shall be used normally at the lowest temperature and maximum temperature of the system

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